Welcome to My Lenormand Journey

My name is Beth, and together with my husband, Graham, I run Rainbow Spirit crystal shop in Wadebridge, Cornwall, UK.

I have been using cartomancy for about 10 years now – with tarot and Titania’s Fortune cards on a personal level, and crystalomancy cards that I use when giving readings to others in our shop.

The readings I give reflect my background in alternative/holistic health care. I’m a homeopath who defected to crystals, and my purpose is to assist others in identifying and recognising their core symptom, so that they can then work out and find a way back to balance, harmony and well being.

My interest in Lenormand stemmed from the Titania deck. It was on a search-for-something amble around the internet, and discovered that her Fortune cards were based on Lenormand…. and then the journey began.

I am now fully immersing myself in learning Lenormand so that I can help others more, and with greater clarity on the issues that confront them.

Come along, and enjoy the experience with me! 🙂


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Daveluy Deck Reshuffles Things

Daveluy Deck Reshuffles Things

This week I started working with a new deck – The Daveluy Lenormand, and it has rekindled my love of the petite jou

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March 22, 2013 · 10:45 pm

Books by AndybC

Books by AndybC

I am still enjoying working my way through, and savouring, Andybc’s course.

I’ll be pre-ordering his book on 5th December!


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My Keywords

With a ‘WOOHOO!’, I’m so pleased to say that Cartomantes Cabinet is back, and I’ve started from the beginning again on Andy’s course 🙂

My Keywords

1. news, youth / quick, speedy
2. luck, joy / surprising, charming
3. trade, travel / foreign, trade
4. home, stable / fatherly, domestic
5. health, medicine / ancestral, rooted
6. trouble, concern / unclear, unpleasant
7. danger, deceit / twisted, intelligent
8. end, grief / lost, transforming
9. gift, pleasure / social, delightful
10. peril, harvest / biting, sliced
11. discord, discussion / separate, arguing
12. communication, gossip / nervous, anxious
13. good, beginning / short, new
14. lie, hide / quick, sly
15. officer, power / long, strong
16. hope, wish / clear, spiritual
17. event, change / growing, moving
18. trust, friend / loyal, loving
19. limit, authority / independent, imposing
20. society, public / entertaining, social
21. obstacle, delay / blocked, frustrating
22. decision, choice / switching, alternative
23. loss, theft / nibbled, embezzled
24. love, emotion / adore, affectionate
25. bond, relationship / repeating, committed
26. secret, knowledge / written, trained
27. message, letter / communicated, sent
28. man / masculine
29. lady / feminine
30. family, lover / harmonious, patronise
31. success, energy / confident, brilliant
32. dream, intuition / creative, famous
33. talent, solution / revealing, sure
34. money, finance / liquid, abundant
35. work, solid / responsible, restrained
36. test, pain / ending, destiny

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How to Remember the Numbers on Lenormand Cards

The next challenge I set myself was to learn the number of each of the Lenormand Cards.

This is because I’ve found several people will refer to a spread with just the numbers.  A line of 7, for example, they would describe as 29, 25, 22, 14, 2 (Now there’s a married lady with luck on her side, who needs to be cunning in her decision making!)

So, how best to go about this?

The way that I’ve devised for myself to remember the numbers on Lenormand Cards is two-fold. Oral and then visual.

Firstly, I’ve drawn up a list of the cards, and for each one I’ve written a sentence or few words that are associations for that number.  Little memory joggers.  It’s personal, so addresses and childhood rhymes that work for me, but I’m hoping it will inspire anyone who is struggling with this challenge to think of their own associations.

Here is my list :-

1 Rider One one was a racehorse
2 Clover 2×2 is a 4 leaf clover
3 Ship I saw 3 ships come sailing in
4 House A house with 4 windows
5 Tree My family tree has 5 siblings in my generation
6 Clouds Upside down Cloud 9 😉
7 Snake Ssssseven Ssssnake
8 Coffin Just have to remember that one!!
9 Bouquet A gift of 9 roses
10 Scythe 10 cuts
11 Whips 11 lashes
12 Birds 12 birds making a lot of noise
13 Child You stop being a child at 13
14 Fox Fffffourteen Fffffox
15 Bear Big friendly fifteen bear
16 Starts Ssssixteen Stars at the start of X Factor
17 Stork Ssseventeen Snake
18 Dog My dog ate-een my homework
19 Tower 19 storey tower block
20 Park 20 Park Road (Gran’s address)
21 Mountain 21 run up a Mountain
22 Ways 22 ways to leave your lover
23 Mice 23 blind mice
24 Heart Adore 24
25 Ring 25th Anniversary
26 Book Psalm 26 in the ‘good book’
27 Letter Letter addressed to 27 Bramcote Road (sister’s)
28 Man 28 year old man
29 Lady A lady is always 29 years old
30 Lillies Karmasutra position 30
31 Sun It rhymes – 31 Sun
32 Moon Blue 32 Moon
33 Key 33 Key
34 Fish 34 pound salmon
35 Anchor 35 pints at the Anchor Inn
36 Cross 36 what a fix (fate/test)


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The days are flying by, with my learning experiences happening faster than I can blog about them!

There’s been some ups and downs on this journey, with the course I started being closed, the deck I wanted with all my heart being caught up in major controversy and unnecessary expense … but I’m working through all those issues and just developing my relationship with my Little Greenies (as The Original Lenormand Mark 1 has been nicknamed).

I’m hopeful that I can restart the course soon, but maybe all these trip hazards and hurdles along my Lenormand path are part of my learning experience!  I accept them as such, and find it fascinating.  The discussion and ‘soap opera’ surrounding the Little Greenies has certainly been an experience to be involved in!  I feel that it adds to the history of the deck, and deepens their mystery. (Although there’s a Hyde side to me that is peeved with all the issues 😉 )

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Lenormand Cards and Standard Playing Cards

Switching from Titania’s Fortune Cards, that have simple images only, to the Mystical Lenormand and other standard decks, I was faced with the numbering of each card, and the reference on each to a card in a standard deck of playing cards.

So what’s that all about? 😉

Here’s my initial way of seeing the correlation:

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The Original Lenormand – Das Spiel der Hofnung

So, how to move forward from feeling I know a fair bit, but not enough about Lenormand cards…. My first step is a large leap backwards!

By joining various forums and facebook groups, I soon realised that the meanings and use of the cards I have been using are one interpretation, and a simplistic one (in my opinion).

I was driven to known the origins, and root source of the Lenormand oracle.

In my searches I found images of the deck at the British Museum… and I spent ages online and in my mind, virtually pressing my nose against the museum cabinet glass!

These were published in the early 1800s by G.P.J. Bieling of Nurenberg, Germany, and this deck was bequeathed to the British Museum by Lady Charlotte Schreiber in 1896, a lady of nobilty who donated to museums on more than one occasion … but it is interesting that her ‘playing cards’ she kept till her death, and bequeathed them afterwards.  This makes me believe that they were something she truly valued.

Were these the ‘original’?  Who really was Mlle Lenormand and what is her true relationship with the deck?!

Yup – the more I learn, the less I realise I know!

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